So you saw that big spread about the new breed of socialites—you know, the ones who have "jobs" and even babies sometimes!—in the Times magazine, right? Did you notice anything... missing?

Well, besides anything like sense being made by "filmmaker" Arden Wohl. She disdains comparisons to Edie Sedgwick cause she thinks she's more like Flannery O'Connor: "Even though she was a pious woman from the South who died very young, I can look up to her writing and her ability to document her surroundings." Okay!

But anyway, the question remains, where was Tinsley? Maybe the explanation lies somewhere in this paragraph:

If this is just a 'socialite' story, I don't want to be a part of it," many of the women sought for this portfolio declared. "Anyone who calls herself a socialite isn't one," came another pronouncement. "I don't want to look like some rich girl who doesn't have a job — I work hard!" was still another refrain. More than one woman wanted to know who else had agreed to participate before signing on. As one of them explained it, if everybody can get this season's It bag, then who really wants it?

Yeah, we think she's the last one too.

[Image via Park Avenue Peerage]