Are you on pretty and somewhat plastically-reconstructed Times reporter Alex Kuczynski's email list? If you are, you'd better get cracking, because she has some columns coming up over there and she's got absolutely nothing. Her plea includes this priceless bit: "Next subject: Art! Any thoughts on art would be greatly appreciated." P.S. Later today we are writing some posts about things! Any of your thoughts on "things" would be totally appreciated!

For my Obsessions column, which runs in the Times T magazine, I need to think up and ruminate on something obsessive and fascinating going on in either the restaurant, food, design or entertaining world. . . for the next T Design issue. Are there hostesses who now only have all-female dinner parties? Restaurants where they will slaughter a cow/dog/fish in front of your very eyes? A newly designed wineglass sweeping the restaurant world? A vineyard in someone's backyard? Houses designed without entertaining spaces for the socially unadventurous? All-nude dinner parties? Is everyone becoming a vegan? Is there a backlash against expensive sheets? Place cards? Are people flying to Antwerp to eat a special kind of bratwurst? Or whatever they eat in Antwerp? Ants? Werps?

Ideas, people!

Many thanks for any shred of an idea. . . .

Next subject: Art! Any thoughts on art would be greatly appreciated. Anyone want to go to auctions with me in October?

Yours truly,
Alex Kuczynski

[Photo: Tana Lee Alves]