Victoria Beckham Displays Modesty And Restraint At Marc Jacobs

  • No she didn't.
  • Alice + Olivia designer Stacey Bendet is such a bitch and it's awesome! Responding to aging model Molly Sims' assertion that two of the models in her last show were too skinny and lumping her in with "low-end" designers, Stacey was all, "Before Molly calls us 'lower end,' maybe she should stop begging for free pants and a plane ticket." [Page Six]
  • Details editor Dan Peres is going to be a dad. As we all knew. [Page Six]
  • Former rock star Tommy Lee uses his descriptive skills to paint a word-picture about the "bitch-slap" he received from "no career havin country bumpkin" Kid Rock at the VMAs. [TMZ]