Everyone knows that Marc Jacobs is the only show of fashion week that really matters. But why does it matter, and was it good—and what were those gardening gloves about? To find out, we woke up fashion expert Alice Wetterlund, a part-time model and goddess of working in retail.

memily: First impressions?
malice: I feel like he's stealing black people clothing from the 30's. But I just woke up. And the hair!
memily: The Jezebels think it's very Grey Gardens.
malice: Hmm. Nope!
memily: What is it then?
malice: You're not getting the not-subtle homage to Isabella Blow? The face hats?
malice: Her style is there in spirit, I guess he's trying to have it be a tribute to her and that's why it's such a direct reference to her style choices. It's sweet.
memily: Hey I just wrote a poem
Jessica Stam
Is the same color as
Vietnamese ham

malice: It pains me to see her with Richie sloppy seconds. But also she's a Yankees fan.
memily: What IS IT about DJ AM?
malice: His D?
memily: Certainly not his DJ.
malice: I think the Ill-fitting dress on Uliana (the one with the yellow bag) is a mistake, too 90's Anna Sui.

malice: The print is little rainbow mice, which is very Marc. And someone else did a mice print a few seasons back but I can't remember who... Alice Roi? Jill Stuart? And the dress on Marina after it I sort of hate, but I love that she's wearing glasses. The thing about Marc is that some of his pieces really do look better on someone with a body like Isabella Blow. So it can look ghastly going down the runway but buyers should know how it fits.
malice: Oh and there were all of two black models.
memily: Right, Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn.
memily: Why does Marc's show start later every year? This year it was 2 hours late.
malice: Oh hah, weeeellll. The guy has problems, he suffers from exhaustion! Honestly, it was probably tech issues this time, that would be my guess. It could be that he makes people wait, it could be models. Also they did the whole show backwards says style.com, so maybe he decided that at the last minute.
memily: Oh good call!
malice: Okay some of the outfits are downright bad, but I think they're all inspired. It very much goes along with my theory about the taking off one accessory before you leave the house.
memily: Oh hmm?
malice: That that is bullshit unless you want no one to talk about you.

[Images via Style.com]