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In these somber times, conventional wisdom states that the fashion for extravagant awards show gift bags has passed. Still, the impulse to pamper nominees lingers, living on in a circuit of illicit backroom gifting suites, where stars can indulge their most environmentally unfriendly swag urges to stack up on as many Louis Vuitton sable iPhone covers as their hands can carry. Even the stars's pets—spoiled in the past with everything from personal training sessions to therapy—are still trading in on the notoriety of their celebrated, poop-scooping owners:

Eight local Three Dog franchises in the Los Angeles area, including the store in Old Pasadena, are baking up 45 baskets for Emmy nominees in major categories.

In addition to cat and dog treats, nominated performers will receive a treat-of-the-month membership; an "I am NOT a poop bag," a take-off on the popular eco-friendly "This is NOT a plastic bag"; and a doggie cookie bearing the actor or actress's name.

"They get treated so impersonally all the time when getting gifts," Bodnar said. "We try to do things like that because it makes it very, very personal."

While we suppose including a personalized cookie adds a nice, individualized touch to the proceedings, we're wondering if the Three Dog people couldn't be doing a lot more in that department: For starters, what about including one outfit in every basket inspired by their master's nominated character? We can think of no more adorable image that seeing Jeremy Piven in full Ari-garb trotting down the halls of Miller Gold and yelling at Lloyd, followed three paces behind by his puppy bulldog barking just as loudly at the incompetent Gaysian in a matching doggie Armani suit and tie.