In the Labor Day weekend raid on Mr. Black, the gay party spot at Broadway and Bleecker, "the NYPD collected 55 packages of cocaine, five vials of cocaine, and 16 Ecstasy pills that were either found on the floor or collected from patrons," according to Tricia Romano at the Voice. This prompted Luke Nero, the bar's cocktail waiter (who is nicknamed "The Ass" [NSFW!]) to claim that "They came to shut down a drug racket, but there wasn't any drug racket to shut down." Uh, really? 15 patrons and 17 employees were arrested all told, two of whom were drug dealers, and eleven more of whom were charged with misdemeanors, including an employee who had four bags of coke on him—in his own pants! Didn't Lindsay teach him anything? Related: Coke is apparently still back!

UPDATE: See an important update here.