A new addition to the gang here will begin work on September 24th. Her name is Maggie Shnayerson, and she has been employed most recently as the PR chick at the Village Voice. (Her official title: publicity director.) Prior to that, she's reported for the Sun, freelanced here and did some stringing there, was an editorial intern at Time and was an editor at The Dartmouth. We were most impressed with Maggie when dealing with her on stories about the Voice: She was a complete hardass. Kind of a bitch, in fact! But a superfun bitch. This is a prime requirement for working here. I also liked that she has experience with how the business side of media things are run—and also a great ear for how PR spin is propagated. What else? She likes a stiff drink, which is key. Also she attended Brearley. Heh. We're so pleased to welcome her back to the other side.