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Ignoring for a moment the outrageous claims that she was genetically engineered to keep her greedy gay daddies in handcrafted loafers and Bahamian houseboys well into old age, the fairytale ending we all dreamed of for Dannielynn Hope Smith Birkhead appears to have finally come to pass. Only days ago, she celebrated her first birthday, opening dozens of gifts at a lavish party. (Her favorite: a real, semi-dehydrated pony from "all your loving godparents at ET and The Insider.") Now, following in the unsteady footsteps of her mommy, she's already scored her first E! reality show:

The still unnamed reality show project is under development at the E! network. It will focus on Larry and baby Dannielynn's life after Anna Nicole Smith's death, according to a TV insider.

"Larry's on the verge of signing with E! for a show that could be on the air by next spring," a Hollywood source told The NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

Committing to tape every misadventure of the miracle baby who poops hundred dollar bills as she enters the terrible twos sounds to us as can't-miss a reality TV scenario as we can envision: Yes, The Larry and Dannielynn Show promises to post spectacular ratings for the cable network, filling the gaping hole left in E!'s tabloid-star-exploiting roster since The Simple Life 12: High-Security Mental Facility Orderlies! failed to secure a spot on their schedule.