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Who told you first that the Google founders' party plane, pictured here in New Zealand, was parked at NASA's Moffett Field? Turns out they've found a permanent home there for the low, low price of $1.3 million dollars and the right for NASA to use the plane for "science missions." The winners in this? Google founders and owners of the plane Larry Page and Sergey Brin, obviously, who now have a short seven-minute jaunt before taking off for Greenland or other exotic locations. Losers? Every other private-plane owning tech mogul out there who has to muddle through traffic on 101 and security lines at SFO or SJC. Oh, and the people of Mountain View and other surrounding areas, who didn't realize they were buying their multi-million dollar bungalow underneath a flightpath. Complains one community activist: "If they are doing it just because they are rich and popular, it is not O.K."