So we were wrong about two things when we relayed the rumor that James Frey had sold his next book to Harper's Jonathan Burnham yesterday. We were wrong about the amount the book had sold for, which still hasn't been confirmed, but is now rumored to be in excess of one million. Which, actually, makes sense if Harper is assuming that the four million people who bought A Million Little Pieces will all rush out and buy Bright Shiny Morning, too. Don't let that happen, America. We were also wrong about whether the book is a novel or short stories: it's a novel. "I have never written a short story in my life," James told Times book reporter Motoko Rich yesterday when she contacted him about the rumors. "But Mr. Frey published a short story last fall in a catalog for an exhibition by Malerie Marder, a Los Angeles-based artist," Motoko reports. ZING.

Book Deal For Writer Who Fabricated Parts Of Memoir [NYT]