How'd Rupert Murdoch's visit to the Wall Street Journal newsroom yesterday go? An eyewitness tells us:

He came, he saw, he talked to editors. Other than passing through the newsroom, he didn't really interact with any of us. [Managing Editor] Marcus Brauchli gave an impromptu debrief afterward, but didn't really report anything of earth-shattering significance. He did, however, say Murdoch was amused by our signs. We're hoping it was "Wow, aren't they clever, I should pay them more" amused rather than, say, "Haha, you know what else would be funny? Firing them all" amused. But I wouldn't bet on it.

Well, he is an amusing guy. Note this attempt by Reuters reporter Robert MacMillan to interview him.

MacMillan: Hello, Mr. Murdoch, I'm Robert MacMillan. I work for Reuters. Murdoch: Oh, really! MacMillan: I just wanted to ask - Murdoch: No.

It gets better. It almost pains us to say this, because we know he's an evil tyrant hell-bent on coarsening standards in his ruthless quest for worldwide domination, but sometimes we can't help but like the guy.