Today's Page Six notes that Times gal and plastic surgery Kool-Aid-drinker Alex Kuczynski is the stupid one in the family, as her brother John-Michael Kuczynski (as Alex has noted) is a professor of philosophy and the author of the hot new beach-read "Conceptual Atomism and the Computational Theory of Mind: A Defense of Content-Internalism and Semantic Externalism." (Ooh, paging Jerry Fodor!) So if you enjoyed Mr. K's "A non-Russellian treatment of the referential-attributive distinction," you'll love this new one! But Page Six isn't being fair: Anyone who's played backgammon with Alex K. will tell you that she possesses a vicious cunning—beyond rat-like even! There's smart in there—and after all, she's the one getting chauffeured around and working at the Times just because she feels like it, not because she has to, while he's slaving away with grad students. So who's the stupid sibling now?