Chris Crocker—the weeping Britney fan whose YouTube performance has inspired homophobia even among the gays—is milking his recent notoriety for all that it's worth. While professing indifference to the possibility that his fame might fade ("at the end of the day I'm still going to have my luscious hair, and I'm still going to have a mirror to look into and that's all that matters. The public doesn't make this diva, I'm already made."), he's not exactly turning down any interviews either.

Crocker tells MSNBC that his video was indeed genuine, despite it being his second crack at the monologue. Why the intensity?

To be honest, Britney's a national treasure. Everyone has an opinion. Believe it or not, for my generation, it's just as big of a topic as 9/11.

Also, his eyeliner is Palladio from Sally's.