On Sunday night, HBO debuted new drama Tell Me You Love Me, the flagship show in a post-Sopranos lineup the suddenly hit-deficient network is promoting under its unwieldy new slogan, "It's Not TV, It's TV With Tons of Graphic Fucking. Like, a LOT of Fucking. Hey, Did We Just Show You That Guy's Balls? You Bet We Did."

Apparently, the explicit sexual content simultaneously repels and titillates the ladies of The View, who spent some time on this morning's program trying to delicately explain to their audience just how "very clear" and "like a porno" the series' presentation of its sexual content is, and in the process exposed at least one rookie co-host's ignorance of exotic positions like "doing it in the passenger seat of a car so that we can momentarily ignore our differing viewpoints on monogamy."

And while we're on the subject, we'll open the floor to a reader's question about the premiere episode's, um, climactic -handjob scene:

honestly, in the jerk-off sequence on sunday's show, i thought it was a fake cock. has this been discussed at all?

We haven't yet performed the Googling necessary to provide any kind of definitive answer, but our suspicion is that a trick phallus capable of ejaculating stunt-semen at the command of an off-camera fuck-propmaster was used to spare the actor from the penis-punishing exertion of multiple takes, but we encourage our commenters to offer their better-informed theories on the scene's execution.