Admit it: You're dying to see "Gossip Girl" (premiering September 19th at 9 p.m.!), the new CW show that pulls back the curtain on the lives of spoiled rich kids on the Upper East Side. It's not just aimed at the youngsters. It's also brilliantly engineered, we think, to be enjoyed by those over 16 as a guilty pleasure—though we know there's no such thing. Now we've obtained this one minute clip, which demonstrates exactly why "Gossip Girl" is the show that will define a generation of New Yorkers. Culturally, this just might be bigger than... gosh, we'd say 9/11, but Chris Crocker already used that one about Britney today.

"The O.C." changed the life of the average to dull- to dull-average television viewer, for better or for worse, and you just know that show creator Josh Schwartz is going to bring that same level of realism and sophistication to his depiction of the East Coast's elite as they drink, snort, and screw their way through high school. This show is equally complex. The word "baroque" might not carry enough negative connotations to fully get our feelings across, but we're still gonna go with it.

This tiny excerpt shows exactly what we mean—and shows why we predict it's going to be absolutely the most newsworthy television show of the season. (Particularly when the Christian groups start freaking out.) It's a gripping confrontation between Serena, [SPOILER ALERT] who was sent to boarding school for being a bit loose but has recently returned, and Blair, her former best friend who is dating Nate, and is desperately jealous of Serena [SPOILER ALERT], possibly because she banged the hell out of him. Please enjoy the vérité of the verbal contretemps here: This is exactly how rich Upper East Side teens cut each other.

Our one negative thought: The actress who plays Serena looks WAY TOO OLD TO BE IN HIGH SCHOOL. For most of the episode we thought she was someone's mom.