"When a girl removes hair for the first time, it's a life-changing moment," said Stacey Feldman, vice president for marketing at the women's health and personal care division of the Church & Dwight Company, which purchased Nair in 2001.

They grow up so fast! At least that seems to be the thinking over at Nair, which has introduced "Nair Pretty, a line aimed at 10- to 15-year-olds or, in industry parlance, 'first-time hair removers.'"

The company is facing the difficult challenge of selling a product to middle schoolers who might not purchase their own depilatory products (they're aiming the ads at moms), but we salute and wish them well: If we can somehow convince young women to go hairless their entire lives, the mainstreaming of pornography will finally reach critical mass.

Anybody objects, just tell 'em it's about "empowerment." Who can argue with empowerment? We're probably months away from Baby Brazilians. God, what a great time to be alive!

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