Glaring Omissions reproduces tips received from readers in the last week that weren't covered on Gawker, either by accident (it happens!) or by design (it happens more often).

  • "That dead parrot story has been on the 'most read' list of the all week. The editorial observer article about the parrot was also on the list for several days, but it seems off now. Why Gawker Why? Why parrots? sigh."
  • "In my opinion, when the story broke last week regarding Nicole Kidman's past miscarriage with Tom Cruise, I couldn't help think that it sounded "off" and out-of-place, for her to just bring up.

    I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Tom Cruise, paid, pleaded or threatened her to bring up such a priviate, senstive issue, with him; especially, now. Maybe he solicited one of those psychologists that he's not glib about, on how to get sympathy through the media. Since, he made an ass out of himself and exposed his freaky, narcissistic, superior, alien-hybrid side; he knows he's got damage control issues big time. I think it's weird that the Beckhams and the "Cruises" actually think they are enhancing each other by displaying their super-hero friendships. Maybe, when Victoria realizes America could care less and she looks like a monkey with a skateboarder hair-do, she'll fire up her broom and go back to her Motherland and take Tom Cruise with her.

    Those kinda tips?

    I just think Tom's not fooling anybody."
  • "Dude the best place to get prostitutes is you can literally browse hundreds of girls. Its like for whores."
  • [Sent to Balk]"Hello, Sean —

    My name is Jim Colucci — I'm a publicist working with the ensemble comedy team at the new hit weekly comedy show, "Shoot The Messenger."

    The show is a political news satire created by "The Daily Show" co-creator Lizz Winstead — it has been running for about two months at the Under Acme theater on Great Jones St., and has been a big success, drawing very nice sized crowds. Now, we're particularly excited about this week's episode (on Monday, 9/17), which will feature guest star Chuck D, of Public Enemy.

    I'd love to invite you to attend the show — and with such a fun guest star, we'd love to get the word out before the show, so any mention on would really be great!

    Thanks so much, and please feel free to call me at with any questions."
  • "after seeing that "pick-up" video, I finally see what rob townsend looks like. well, now I know why I've never seen him at any of the private house parties in the pines and why he has to keep writing about the public spaces!"
  • "do you think it is morally wrong to use as a joke-y prop in a photo shoot a dirty dead mouse hanging from a mousetrap?"
  • "Please pass along this message to Balk's cock.

    Setting: Comm 101 GCC

    Topic: The City and the Pillars by Adam Gopnik

    Result: A complete class tribal meltdown worthy of quantam physics. What a self preening ass Gopnik is. He comes across as a Sesame Street character with an anti american bend, should this alone not cause a rift in the space-time continuum? I was one of two people expressing opinions in the negative regarding Gopnik. His benefactors came to his rescue singing his praises with exponential usage of the word like. This greatly helped their cause of course. Please make it stop. My life was moving along just fine in the era known as BAM. I was following basic Gawker law of strict avoidance of any of his work along with any other New Yorker happy-bile. *sigh* The terrorists have won.
  • In closing please pass along my love for commenters Momo, KarenUhOh, Ellagood, Sarahheartburn, conbon, Sexbot, Cajunboy, htotheomo, Mathnet, the demi-god known as Lolcait and the rest who make life just worth living after all. Oh yeah-please marry off Newtojezebel to Adam Gopnik-in theory the positive/negative should cancel each other out.

    Got nothin' but love for ya,

    GSpot (I can haz commentr privliges?)"
  • Whaddya think, guys? Can she haz them?