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· Not to be outdone by Oprah Winfrey's lavish Barack Obama fundraiser—attended by the likes of Will Smith, Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock—lesser community-outreach deity Magic Johnson hosts one for Hillary Clinton at his Beverly Hills home. [Variety]
· Finally convinced it won't lead to an assist-tent-city for Valkyrie crew members to work out their shoulder knots and lingering Hitler-thetans, Germany reverses its decision not to let the Tom Cruise movie shoot at a historical execution site. [Variety]
· Al Gore's presence at this year's Emmy awards has been confirmed, where he'll be called upon to solicit an apology from Britney Spears for "squandering her one comeback chance and rendering polar bears extinct." [Variety]
· Alyssa Milano will star in Wisegal, a Lifetime movie about a female mobster that will require her to tap into the brash street-smarts of a Samantha Micelli, and the steely business sense of an Angela Bauer. [THR]
· New Line hires the Ghost World screenwriting team of Terry Zwigoff and Dan Clowes to rewrite (and Zwigoff to direct) The $40,000 Man, about an injured astronaut rebuilt as a bionic man on "a measly budget of only $40,000." We're seeing Will Arnett trying to catch up to a moving bicycle, accompanied by the familiar sound effect. [THR]