We're confident that by now you have familiarized yourselves with the work of Leave Britney Alone Guy, who, in the space of one tear-drenched and venomous j'accuse launched via YouTube at the entire Poptard-Flameout-Savoring Industrial Complex, has seen his viral Q-rating status climb to levels Jim Carrey would kill for. As any internet sensation—even one coming from as truthful and waterproof-mascara-coated a place as this one—is bound to inspire legions of online parodists to greater heights, we offer in their honor a Leave Britney Alone Guy video response round-up:
· We begin with the above message, from MySpaceTV and E-goading Entourage villain Seth Green, who channels his inner party monster to beg America to leave the tormented, Britney-worshipping club kid alone.

· Despite being led to believe that Megatron was the gay one, something about hearing the plea from the reassuring-yet-authoritative lips of Optimus Prime really made us reconsider our callous response to the singer's disastrous VMA performance:

· This mash-up got us a little misty. It's as if the last viral video sensation no one cares about anymore were passing the torch to the next generation:

· And finally, you know you've really achieved internet celebrity when Jimmy Kimmel has you as a guest on his show. Is it just us, or do those two have some real sexual chemistry?: