Passing the newsstand, we wondered, not for the first time, what is up with Nylon Guys magazine? Launched late last summer, the quarterly supplement to Nylon "disinfected, unfunny Vice" magazine still somehow exists. How? Why? And, maybe most importantly, for whom? The tagline is "Not for Girls." Okay so... who is wanting to read a pink-logoed magazine whose coverline asks, "Is Jason Schwartzman The Coolest Guy in Hollywood?" The best answer we can come up with is: aspiring heterosexuals.

More specifically: aspiring heterosexuals who are out of college, so they have nothing to gain by having Maxim prominently displayed in their suspiciously neat bathrooms. But they're not so post-collegiate that they're ready for this magazine's closest analog which is, of course, Details.

Nylon Guys is, basically, Details in guyliner: slightly hipper advertisers, but exactly the same variety of something-to-prove editorial. "No, you will not be glued to the new series 'Gossip Girl' this fall, but your girlfriend will, and that means you're going to be seeing a lot more of Blake Lively—which is nothing to complain about," opens an article about that teen star. Right, your female woman girlfriend! With whom you have sex! And with whom you would never watch 'Gossip Girls' because like ew, what are you, some kind of fag? Oh, Nylon Guys, who do you think you're fooling?