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We should have known that dot-com wonderboy Mark Pincus was maturing when he sold Tribe, his social network for Burning Man attendees, to Cisco earlier this year. After a few months cavorting around Aspen and partying with movie stars, he's settled down and gotten engaged to girlfriend Alison Gelb, who works at magazine publisher Hachette Filipacchi and whom a friend describes as "a huge prize" for Pincus. As for Pincus? Not so much of a prize. Ever the romantic, Pincus gallantly waited for Gelb to recover from a momentary illness before popping the question.

I had an amazing 6 course meal (hers and mine) and then realized she was too sick and passed out for me to propose. At one point Ali woke up to say 'I'm glad were not getting engaged tonight!'

Luckily, the chocolate desert brought her back. We stopped in the vip salon for tea and fruits, and with her forming whole sentences I realized she could now coherently accept a proposal.

How sweet! Mark, we just hope you remembered to pick up the bill this time.