It's telling that seemingly the only thing worth discussing following last night's Emmys—an exercise in show business self-gratification only marginally more entertaining than watching a Lassie stand-in lick its genitals between camera set-ups—are the three words we weren't allowed to hear (to review: "screwing," "[shit]," and "goddamn") during the telecast.

Inside Edition was quick to get Field's post-show thoughts on being a victim of Fox's ultrasensitive network censors, who appears satisfied that it was more the comment's goddamn-iness than its antiwar-iness that led to one of the evening's conspicuous disco-ball cutaways. Edition also managed to poll Oscar-winning Hollywood shadow president Al Gore about Field's speech, who "agreed with the sentiment," but refrained from accusing conservative Fox overlord Rupert Murdoch of personally pressing a dump-button that simultaneously silenced the actress's outrage and triggered the deployment of 10,000 additional News Corp-funded mercenaries to Baghdad to assist in a surge.