There's long been speculation that University of Illinois student and New York mag intern James Kurisunkal is getting some kind of outside help with his socialite website Park Avenue Peerage—speculation that James has always flatly denied. Lately, though, the suspicions have been renewed!

The prime candidates for string-pulling action would seem to be James's former competitors Olga and Valentine Rei, the siblings behind the bizarre sociological experiment that was Socialite Rank. But they say they've got nothing to do with him and we sort of believe them! "We have not read his site for months. We're not sure anyone does. The only brief contact we've had with James was when he came to New York for the first time. We politely invited him to lunch and he was unfortunately too busy at the time. We wish him luck, though," Valentine sniffed.

A competing and perhaps more credible theory is that James may be the puppet of "writer" Derek Blasberg and muppet-faced socialite Fabiola Beracasa, who "gave James a list of what socials can and cannot be on it," according to a tipster who claims to have heard this from "a credible source."

"He stopped covering all the 'controversial' people, and all the black or asian people and the only people he puts are all the same. And just derek and lyle are the only guys." Fascinating! We've yet to hear back from James about this. Perhaps his dark overlords vet his correspondence.