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Barry Diller is easily bored. First, he was entranced by the promise of e-commerce, assembling an empire that includes such diverse offerings as Evite, the Home Shopping Network, and Ticketmaster. Then he turned his attention to search and snapped up With such a motley portfolio, why not add a jack-of-all-trades videogame company to your portfolio? Diller, the CEO of holding company IAC/InterActiveCorp, is focusing his energies on the videogame sector now. By acquiring a majority stake in GarageGames, which does everything from development tools and game creation to indie game publishing, Diller hopes to complement the yet-to-be launched But as usual, Diller's strategic vision isn't matched by his grasp of the technical details.

InstantAction, you see, will host 3D browser-based games. It's an effort to find an intersection between the growing "casual" market and traditional, processor-intensive gaming fare. Of course, the main problem is most casual game players are addicted to 2D puzzle games like Bejeweled and most hardcore gamers need DirectX 10-powered graphics, a level of power most workaday PCs lack. Have fun with that Venn diagram.