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There's nothing quite like having your online profile mined for fun and profit. MySpace has revealed details of its new targeted advertising ploy to the New York Times. Not only does the system troll for overt clues like occupation, but it also analyzes the kind of music you listen to, the movies you watch, and who you'd most like to meet. From this data it can determine whether you're into indie rap, zombie movies, or have a thing for Samuel Jackson — and pelt you with advertisements accordingly. The system can even be used to target regional fan of a particular music genre for concert tours. "We are blessed with a phenomenal amount of information about the likes, dislikes and life's passions of our users," says Fox Interactive Media president Peter Levinsohn. Blessed. Thank goodness the Web's denizens are so free with their personal information — it's considered "digital gold." These targeted ads are projected tol boost MySpace's monthly revenue by $30 million. Maybe it will finally have enough free cash to fix the damn site.