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CONFONZ — The Conference Fonzie was certain that Britain was known for its manners. Those beloved British boxing boys are supposed to be well behaved and polite in all social situations, aren't they? Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to apply to imported Limey tech journalists. To their credit, Intel's international press day, a preface to the Intel Developer Forum at San Francisco's Moscone Center later this week, is a somewhat dull event.

But if you're tasked with covering the year's most important event for processor-geeks, you can damn sure shut the fuck up while Intel engineer James Reinders explains how multi-threaded programming hurts like 8 bitches on a bitch boat.

Intel did its little dance, talking about how more power and more cores can help businesses. And, yes, Reinders is no Steve Jobs. But compilers that support software transactional memory are still really fucking cool.

These sniggering Brits obviously didn't attend AMD's new processor launch last Monday night. That event redefined yawning and boredom. At least Intel had the decency to pay for its venue... The ConFonz hears that AMD's constant ball rubbing of Lucasfilm resulted in the garnering of a free place to hold its party and press conference: both in the Presidio, and both completely fucking dull.