We recently received an email with the subject line "Tyra Banks did not pay ConEd." It recounts the hellish ordeal one viewer endured as an audience member during the taping of "The Tyra Banks Show." Taut, gripping, and tragic, it almost reads like the Into Thin Air of talk show audience member tragedy narratives. Particularly if one of the Everest guides from Into Thin Air had confided to his charges that he was "on the rag." The entire compelling saga follows.

I went to the Tyra show on Tuesday (9-18). That show is boogie!!!!! The show was supposed to start at 11.45, around 12.30 they told us they were having technical problems. Finally at 1.30 Tyra came out to let the crowd know she was really sorry (side note: whoever wrote in a Tyra sighting and claimed she is skinny........... well she is not fat by any means, but they need their eyes checked) and ordered us pizza. If we could not eat pizza for dietary reasons, she was sorry but they could not afford the salad. She suggested eating the top off the pizza and licking the sauce off the bread - like she does. Trust me she does not lick the sauce off pizza, that girl enjoys a carb like the rest of us. Oh by the way - the technical problem was that the lights did not work. Finally around 2.15 they let us go outside. While standing around outside we noticed that pizza came in - with salad, drinks and breadsticks. I though she was just teasing us about not ordering salad and what a nice girl she is. I also noticed PA's carrying in bags from Bed Bath and Beyond. Stuff like pillows and tables - home stuff. As we were lead back to our seats through the backstage I saw that the stage hands were eating salad, pizza and drinking soda. Funny thing though - when we got to our seats no food?????? About half an hour later we were served pizza (single slice on a paper plate) and a 4 oz bottle of water. That's right no salad, breadsticks or soda. We have been there since 10 - it is now around 3. Also if you wanted more pizza you had it served by hand on a napkin because they ran out of paper plates. Finally around 5 the show starts, nothing spectacular but I noticed that on the show there was a segment where Tyra redecorates a couples apartment. She has the apartment staged in her studio. Tyra also claims to have shopped for herself. When they finally start the horrible decorating, I notice it is everything I saw the PA's returning from Bed Bath and Beyond with. Sorry but I do not want my apartment decorated by BBB. The show was about Expensive and Cheap clothes, make up, furniture and party planning. During the show Tyra keeps letting us know how cheap she is. By the looks of that show - she is too cheap. She admitted that she was bloated because she was on the rag - the back of her dress looked as if it had to be let out in order to fit.

I do not know if you care but it was pretty funny.

Oh, we care. And it is!