We're of two minds about "The Hills" star Lauren Conrad's new fashion line. Poorly-made cynical cashing-in by a brand-person-entity? Or the realization of a delicate young girl's lifelong dream? You've heard the con. Now hear the pro.

Regardless of what some stupid, soulless jerks might have to say on the subject, we love love love the Lauren Conrad Collection, and we love the spirit behind it even more, okay you guys? Like, Lauren's totally amazing frocks so massively reflect her southern California upbringing, right? OMG YES. And do they totes bring out the California girl in all of us? For sure they TOTES DO!

And you know what else? In this majorly cold, cynical world, isn't it great to see someone with a pure heart and a lifelong dream succeed completely on merit alone? FOR REALS IT IS! It makes her happy! Doesn't she DESERVE to be happy?

Haters can be all, oh, whatevs, Lauren Conrad is a total marketing tool foisted on a brainless public willing to spend its discretionary income on completely indistinct casual wear simply because it was "designed" by the star of a reality television show that doesn't even pretend to disguise how contrived it is, but you know what, guys? They can, like, suck it through my sophisticated silhouette Sophia dress.

Lauren rules, right? RIGHT.

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