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Truth be told, we were never big fans of the Sex and the City TV show, as the dramatization of high-end shoe-shopping and the sex lives of aging cougar nymphomaniacs didn't hold much interest for us. Today, however, we're inexplicably excited about the forthcoming feature adaptation of the beloved HBO series, as New Line has issued a press release celebrating the movie's first day of production, one that includes this first-ever photo from the set to further commemorate this special occasion.

As you can clearly see from this arresting image of an unsmiling Captain Large placing one arm around Carrie "The City" Bushnell [Ed.note—See if you can find an intern who's actually seen the show to check those names.] while using his other hand to surreptitiously text-message the younger, less-demanding woman he's nailing because of crippling commitment issues, the most compelling elements of the original series will translate seamlessly to the big-screen.

[Photo: New Line]