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Deeply hurt by Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman's efforts to emotionally distance himself from an eventual break-up with an allegedly dissatisfied Steven Spielberg, DreamWorks BFF Jeffrey Katzenberg has publicly come to the defense of the director, advising the mouthy executive to tread lightly when appraising the value of his priceless longtime partner. Reports Var:

Jeffrey Katzenberg got his partner Steven Spielberg's back Wednesday, calling him "nothing short of a national treasure" and chiding Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman for implying otherwise.

"To suggest that not having Steven Spielberg is completely immaterial seems ill-advised," the DreamWorks Animation topper said at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia confab. "I think calmer heads need to prevail here."

Katzenberg went on to suggest that Dauman has any intention of salvaging their relationship, he should immediately grab his favorite boombox and stand underneath Spielberg's window, playing the love theme to The Terminal until the legendary director is convinced he won't be taken for granted in the future, as "a basket from Mrs. Beasly's and a 'I'm sorry' note with some hugging teddy bears on it isn't going to cut it this time, Phil."