Remember "Wedginald"? It's that stupid wheel of cheddar cheese that the whole stupid world is watching mature on the Internet. Well, yesterday was a very big day for Wedginald indeed! Creator Tom Calmer cut the cheese to assess its maturation.

So how did the world's first celebrity cheese fare in its final taste test? If you believe the hype, not only did it do very well, but it is an outstanding example of dairy brilliance. Like wine-tasters, cheesemakers have a language all of their own to distinguish their creations from their plastic-wrapped ugly sisters.

A spokesperson for the cheese described it as having "a caramel nose, a sweet twiggy greenness and a creamy good length of flavour". Mr Calmer called it "lemony, with a certain "spritziness".

You hear that? A piece of cheese has a spokesperson. Meanwhile, you're just sitting at work reading about it on the Internet. You've made some poor choices in your life, haven't you?

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