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Many awards show viewers still long for the heyday of the late '90s, when unsuspecting stars would recoil in terror upon being accosted by Grand Frock Inquisitioner Joan Rivers, followed closely behind by loyal henchspawn Melissa, one finger held to her ear as she received instruction on the proper pronunciation of "Benicio Del Toro." Alas, after being bumped from their now-legendary E! gig, and banished from the TV Guide Channel kingdom for rumored "difficult" behavior, the only place Emmy watchers can turn these days for a Rivers fix is online, at VH1's Emmys With Joan. Gold Derby's Tom O'Neil wonders if the pair's seemingly shameful banishment to the slums of the blogowebs doesn't perhaps bode well, suggesting the network might take a short break from finding Flavor Flav the skank of his dreams to secure Joan and Melissa a spot on the red carpet:

What's key about current circumstances is that Joan and Melissa did their internet gig with VH1. That sure makes you wonder: is the music channel planning to get into the red carpet biz? If so, why weren't Joan and Melissa at the Emmys repping VH1? [...]

When I recently asked Joan's PR rep if the Rivers gals will work red carpets for VH1 in the future, she got noticeably nervous and replied: "No comment."

Mother and daughter are long overdue for a triumphant return to Hollywood's crimson thoroughfares, scene of such classic Joan Moments as the Golden Globes at which she barked, "I have two big names here, so could you just wait?" to Will Ferrell, whom she failed to recognize. Whether VH1 can accommodate Joan's long list of needs, however, is another matter, starting with her stubborn insistence that her trailer be stocked with 20 cases of the highest-grade mineral Botox the French Alps has to offer.