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And whatever became, you've not asked yourselves, of Sean Stewart—that puckish heir to the Rod Stewart fortune, who enjoyed a brief moment of notoriety by capitalizing on his boyish good looks and third-grade reading comprehension skills, only to see his leisurely world come tumbling down around him thanks to some hurled masonry outside a Hollywood Hills party? A judge has ruled the case will go to trial:

A Los Angeles judge ruled late on Wednesday that there was sufficient evidence for the case to proceed and ordered Stewart, 27, a star and producer of cable TV reality show "Sons of Hollywood," to return to court for a hearing on October 3.

Judge Julius Title said defense and prosecution witness accounts of the incident conflicted and it would be "up to the trial court to decide the credibility of the witnesses."

Sean Stewart, an aspiring model, is the son of Rod Stewart and his first wife, Alana.

The ruling will undoubtedly come as crushing news to Stewart, as much for the additional jail time he now faces as for the fact that he will be required to show up somewhere regularly and on time, outfitted in the kinds of constricting, formal garments he's railed against in the past. It's a totally bogus turn of events that could well conflict with any aspiring modeling engagements Stewart might book during that period.