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Apple's shiny white posterior has been bruised and tarnished today. First there's some whining over iTunes being offline. Then CEO Steve Jobs was subpoenaed to testify in the SEC's lawsuit against Nancy Heinen, who allegedly backdated stock-option grants. Apple was than accused of cavorting with "the most cock-thirsty and money-grubbing conglomerates in the United States" — that is, Hollywood studios. And then there's this sob story: Apple is blocking hacked iPhones. Maybe all these headlines will finally get the Apple devout to realize that Steve Jobs is not their best pal. Rather, he's the figurehead of a corporate entity trying to make money. It's like keeping a crocodile as a pet. It looks cute, sure, but eventually it's going to try to bite off your hand. And can you blame it? It's just hungry. (Photo by Daniel Shaw-Cosman)