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Buried in this TechCrunch40 wrap-up post is a frightening promise from AllThingsD's Kara Swisher:

Also: BoomTown will soon be trying out a new camera a la that annoying hat-camera guy, so get your Dramamine ready.

The "annoying hat-camera guy," of course, is Justin Kan of, the pioneering lifecaster who made a big splash broadcasting his life, live, to the masses, then faded from sight somewhere around Memorial Day. One thing to keep in mind about this new development: Swisher, unlike Kan, is tiny — about 5'2", if that. Any hat-camera she wears will be eye-level with Silicon Valley's chest. We look forward to watching her conversations with Walt Mossberg's sweater. (But not nearly as much as her interview with AllThingsD colleague John Paczkowzki. Preferably in a tight T-shirt. Rowr. — Ed.)