Glaring Omissions reproduces tips received from readers in the last week that weren't covered on Gawker, either by accident (it happens!) or by design (it happens more often).

  • "I just emailed you about that Bruce Willis sighting at San Gennaro. Since you guys do in fact look at the emails, do you know of where i can get an email to send my resume or know of anything job openings? I love celebrity gossip and really looking for some kind of work in it, even entry level? anything would help. thanks so much!"
  • "Quentin Tarantino takes a garbage truck ride in England. He has gained 50 pounds since the flop of Grindhouse and is worried that he won't be able to make another great film again and have children. It has been rumored that Cinematographer Chris Doyle has been angered at Tarantino's use of drugs and prostitutes in China. Since Tarantino lost his virginity to a prostitute as in stated in the movie TrueRomance which he wrote based on his life, he enjoys the life of having many prostitutes."
  • "Hey well i love reading celebrity gossip but i never thought i would be writing one of these to anyone. I know of a guy his name is fidel de leon toledo. he i guess is like an escort, he follows celebrities everywhere and tries to keep the media away. i see him a lot. i do concierge for the airport. and i know that he will be staring in lindsays new movie 'hippy'. now the thing about this is that one of my collegues said that it is a stunt. they will film it and start going out as his uncle is a big time hollywood writer. you can just go to and search his name. I have seen Fidel work and he is actually very good. With fidel's job being keeping media away if any network like fox, enquirer, star, etc. state that they will be working together or "rumored" to be working together I can guarantee you he will have no choice but to stop so every other gossip will just come out. I can guarantee you that with my life!!!"
  • [All from the same person] 9/6: "Not my sighting, but someone else''s posted on youtube. Siouxsie Sioux at Thalias Restaurant 8th ave and 50th st Sept 5th...some time at night. She was in town doing promo work for her forthcoming solo album coming out in October."
    9/11: "How come you didn't post this? Do you not know who Siouxsie is? Grandmother of punk rock!!!"
    9/17: "Still didn't post"
  • "These are notes from a captive prisoner who has been trotured and had his life ruined by psychotics for nothing more than the pursuit of capitalistic business relationships on a global scale.
    I sought to leave this country over ten years ago, and have been falesly accused, tortured, poisoned, threatened and homelsess on multiple occasions.
  • Miss USA, chikenshit, pyscho stalker bitch, a poem
    A face so hideous only the devil could smile
    Whispering lies, treachery and deceit to keep the hostages shackled and bound because in truth Miss USA is the biggest chicken shit coward in the world clutching to hostages to prevent the total collapse of the economic system or attack much worse than 9/11.
    Evil coursing through the veins of oppression while holding the hand of your captor like a loyal bitch and doing his cowardly dirty work because he knows his place in the world is shit unless there is facilitated a global revolution overthrowing Religion, the royals, aristocracy and thus removing all blood claims to the land and making all men equal.
    Litter of the world unite, Miss USA, spread your revolutionary disease with your cancerous mole covered hideous face.
    An inferiority complex so big the only pill to swallow is to destroy historically relevant places in the world and create wars in regions that have historical value and act like the savior adult, when the world knows who causes the conflicts.
    Hideous crooked teeth with gunk and slime emitted from herpes diseased lips
    A whore so smelly, Miss USA, she spreads her legs and welcomes all semen , the fabric of the USA flag is like any whore house sheets at closing time. Don't mind the disease and the consequences; leave that for the abused bastard children to pay."
  • "I have been searching all over to find any leads there [the "Sex and the City" people] are filming. So far today 7 am and 3 pm, 100 extras were used outside of 1010 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street. The description of the scene is "actress sees ,actor and meets him." Could be Carrie and Mr. Big? If you have any other tips for the upcomming week(s) PLEASE let me know"

Oh, don't worry, we will.