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Jory, a general in the army of our supergay IT warriors, reports the following altercation with New York's favorite LOLgaypublicist Kristian Laliberte this weekend.

I went to a very small birthday party for my friend Cory Saturday evening at an apartment in Hell's Kitchen.

Social-fat Kristian Laliberte shows up (wearing a ski cap for some reason even though it was 75 degrees?) with some girl (both with severe coke face), which I felt I had to capture on my cell phone camera for Gawker. Unfortunately, his 6'5", 120-pound French boyfriend caught me and proceeded to chase me around the apartment asking "Why are you taking pictures? You are lying to me. You are being a bitch." Like, he would leave me alone for 15 minutes, and then come back again, "Can I just delete those pictures?"

The French guy was so rabid I had to ask him "Are you we going to have a problem here?" in my best threatening-physical-violence voice. [If you know Jory, this is kind of hysterical. In short, although tall and gym-obsessed, he is not frightening. —Ed.] Then the girl came up to me, "Can I see your phone?" Kristian was overheard in the kitchen saying "I really want to delete those pictures, I heard he works for Gawker."

It became the talk of the entire evening, until the three stormed out, the French guy adding "You have some very interesting friends" as he pranced off.

It was so ridiculously dramatic, it was awesome.