Kari Brandt, the student body president of the Upper East Side's prestigious all-girls Hewitt School, wants the world to know that "Hewitt students do not characterize popularity by looks, money or experience." But a Hewitt alumna and former student council VP wishes to clarify this point. "I would like to take this time to openly address the issue of the Hewitt School having gone there for 7 years and being the joyful recipient of it's prestigious 1995-2000 cancer cluster. I'll begin with Kari," she writes.

When I went to Hewitt there was an open joke passed around the single-sexed private school community. "Girls who go to Spence become doctors because they're too ugly to ever marry. Girls who go to Nightingale marry doctors because they're too stupid to earn a living. And girls who go to Hewitt become mistresses to those doctors." Yes it's been called Hoe-ett. I was never sure why. When I went there the girls were no sluttier then at any other school. In fact my cousins in L.A. were into way more drugs and sex at 12 whereas I was still into Barbie and Archie. I was a student counsel VP, so I can understand the need to defend your home base. Even after almost killing me I still want to defend that basically boring mild manner all girls' school. As for a hierarchy. Yep. There was one. But hello- there is a social hierarchy at ANY SCHOOL! Pretty girls cause jealousy anywhere because they're pretty. Case closed. I remember the most controversial thing about Hewitt was who had money. We all had money. But some had astronomical sums and there was no way for the rest of us to put it in perspective. School trips were to London or to stay with the king of Morocco (no lie) and if you couldn't afford it you felt pathetic. I was raised on the upper Westside and always thought I was poor. My view of money was warped until college.

But no one in my class made a THING about money. No one was like "OOOh look at your last season rip off Prada shoes!" No one cared. The money thing was more a competition between the moms during bat mitzvah time. One mom rented out all of Ellis Island, the entire ferry fleet to take guests out there, and the company that does the Macy's 4th of July fire works. In retaliation another mother rented out the entire plaza and had the prior mentioned King of Morocco as a guest. Believe it or not the biggest competition I recall between the girls - all of us- was smarts. We were so focused on being the "best" that whoever got the most awards or higehest grades was more popular. Yea we had some ho bags, but like 1 or 2. I think in a grade of 12 that averages out to what a typical class ho average would be.

When Gossip girl premiered I didn't watch it. I recalled being raised in Manhattan and going to Hewitt as no exciting event. I had no idea that show was supposed to be based on Hewitt!? How stupid! Anyways we always wanted to hear about Chapin.

That's where all the dirty crazy action was supposed to be.

The ball's in your court, Chapin! Drop me a line. You know you love me!