In the new spirit of communism here at Gawker, we are once again rebranding the feature in which undesirable elements of the commentariat are banned or exiled from the website until they demonstrate their value as members of the community. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you... The Blacklist.

Commenter Insideout has been blacklisted for the following comment concerning our call for accountability in newspaper weather forecasts:: "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....What a pointless, boring post. Are you gonna post which restaurants have early-bird specials next?"

Commenter Stella_Was_A_Diver has been blacklisted for the following comment concerning the exploding taxi in Rockefeller Center: "So THAT'S why midtown smelled of tandoori chicken today!"

Commenter Procrastinator, Esq., has been blacklisted for the following comment concerning the possible epidemic of gay roofie date rapery: "You mean, your friend picked a guy up off the street, went up to his place, had a beer, and was surprised that it led to creepy, unethical sex? Was he thinking they'd be crocheting or scrapbooking or something?"

Commenter Untranscribable Sound Of Unmanly Anguish has been blacklisted for the totality of his idiocies on this site in the last few weeks.

Want to get off the Blacklist and back into our good graces? If you can provide the right amount of criticism—or, more importantly, name names—we may decide to let you back inside the house. (Please see our Comments FAQ for more details.) Otherwise? You'll never comment in this town again. Just like that theater director in Oscar-winning German film "The Lives of Others"! They never let him direct again—and he killed himself. Get it?