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NEW YORK CITY — I'm at the Mixx 2007 online-advertising conference here, marveling at the brazenness of author and entrepreneur Seth Godin. "How do we use this medium in the way it wants to be used?" he asks, as he's interviewed by Charlie Rose. He's speaking, of course, about the Web, but he might as well be talking about the medium of the conference stage. And he's using it to promote his new website, Squidoo. Squidoo, as best as I can tell, is sort of a blog-hosting service like Google's blogger, sort of a social-bookmarking service like Yahoo's, and sort of a hand-compiled search-results aggregator like Mahalo. Godin, of course, doesn't miss the opportunity to brag to Rose and the audience that Squidoo's Web traffic is larger than the Wall Street Journal's, without the benefit of any advertising. Except, of course, the kind of free advertising you get by being a best-selling author and getting invited to speak at conferences.