Legendary ladybook publishing company Harlequin is doing its darnedest not to be upstaged by online erotica, Zane ("Gettin' Buck Wild: The Sex Chronicles 2"!), and about eleven million other publishing trends that seem destined to put the Canadian company into a fatal swoon eventually. Their latest sally: A website, HarlequinRomanceReport.com, where readers are encouraged to anonymously post their dirtiest fantasies! It's like PostSecret without all the ones about molestation.

Want a peek under the covers?

Oops! confesses, "I joined the mile high club on my last vacation." Yawn.

Bossesconfession confesses: "Still have a total and incontrollable lust for a lady that works for me and she flirts back. So hard (no pun) to decide whether to act on the tension between us...especially since I know she would be awesome." EW.

Silver confesses: "I once had an affair with a Frenchman more than twice my age and with a daughter who was younger than me." Whoa! That's intense. Bonjour to some serious tristesse! Actually, though, maybe it's just bad grammar.