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As the Web 2.0 phenomenon grows long in the tooth — some might say this year's TechCrunch40 conference was its official jumping of the shark — its most venerable proponents are struggling to create a sense of excitement around it. But for this year's Web 2.0 Summit, organizers John Battelle and O'Reilly Media are trying, perhaps, a bit too ... hard. Get an eyeful of the slogan.

Where are we most stimulated?
At the Web's edge.

We can only imagine what Battelle and the rest had in mind when they wrote that. But it puts us in mind, more than anything else, of the AVN Expo, the porn-industry conference held the same week as the CES gadget show in Las Vegas. If the Web 2.0 Summit crowd is so sincere about ensuring attendees' stimulation, perhaps it's time for them to organize a similar companion conference for user-generated adult sites like Zivity. "Web 2.OOH," anyone?