After waging war against a plague of bedbugs, the urban warriors of the Brooklyn hipster-lofts at 248 McKibben are now embroiled in a pitched battle against the New York Police Department. It's like the Masada over there. They are in big trouble for drinking up on the roof!

From the MySpace blog:

A few nights ago, myself and 4 of my friends were confronted on our rooftop by 2 NYPD officers. We were celebrating a friend's birthday, and were each drinking 1 beed. [sic] The officers told us these things:

1. We are trespassing

2. We are illegaly [sic] drinking in public

3. We could be charged with a hate crime, under suspicion. This is because the church is complaining that people are throwing glass bottles from our rooftop into their parking lot.

We all got tickets and a court summons, and were paraded downstairs and treated like little children.

Like they gave you Chupa Chups and asked which Dragonball Z character was your favorite? That actually sounds kinda fun!

The post continues to dispense some useful (and completely incorrect) advice:

The officers tried to scare us by threatening that we could be thrown straight into jail on Rikers Island (and then pointed in the wrong direction.... ) These cops are not intelligent, and that's the scary part. "

It seems that the NYPD would like to take our precious roof access from us! PLEASE remember that our landlord doesn't seem to mind that we're on the roof, as long as we respect it! Don;t blame the landlord, blame the NYPD! If you ever see people doing things on the roof that may jeopardize access for the rest of us, PLEASE PLEASE say something to them!

ALSO if and when you go on the roof, DO NOT DRINK from an open container! The NYPD will continue to profit off of us and take advantage of us as long as we let them. I don't think they can ticket you for just being on the roof. A few tips:

-Stay toward the east side of the roof and WATCH the street for police. They entered through the western most door, and if we were on the opposite side of the roof, we could have run downstairs in time. THE COPS DO NOT WANT TO HELP YOU! RUN IF YOU CAN - THEY ARE SLOW AND FAT AND DON'T HAVE KEYS to the floors!!!

-I have also on more than 1 occasion seen small children from the neighborhood in our building and on the roof. Please keep your eyes and ears open!

-The only way that the NYPD can come into our building is if they have a warrant, or if someone lets them in. DO NOT LET THE POLICE INTO THE BUILDING! If they try to come in right behind you, ask them what they are doing. Just because they have a badge and a gun does not mean that you can trust them. There have been countless cases of robberies, murders, and police brutality in this city. Don't let them take advantage of our community! Do not let them feel comfortable in our building! We are all broke enough as it is....

Allons enfants de la Patrie!