Amanda Congdon Leaves Rocketboom, Destroys Adolescent Boys' Fantasies

Rocketboom was a three-minute, daily video blog that covered the day's news in a quirky, kind-of-humorous-but-eh format. We never really got into it, if only because we just weren't into ogling the show's host, Amanda Congdon. But Juggy McJuggerson was pretty damn popular with the show's virgin audience, who were loyal to Congdon like a baby to his mother's teat. Alas, Congdon — who had a cameo on CSI, you know — has left Rocketboom, leaving the vlog's 300,000-some viewers with no one to masturbate to. Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron wrote on the Rocketboom site that Congdon had left the show to pursue opportunities in Los Angeles and Hollywood; Congdon claims that she was fired. Naturally, she airs her side of the story on her blog, even producing a short video in which she explains that she won't be doing Rocketboom any longer.

Why do you care? For starters, it's kind of weird and uncomfortable to watch — and who doesn't love a good cringe? Plus, who knows when you might see that rack again.

Amanda Unboomed
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