The last we heard from Manhattan girls school Chapin was an alumna's letter that told of Prep for Prep girls beating each other with lacrosse sticks and "several coke addicts, the usual bulimics and anorexics, a pair of twins (one of whom was schizo) overachievers galore, several heiresses to large impressive fortunes and some slutty girls." A purported current student is appalled. But she'd probably spell it "apaled." Seriously, someone's paying $30K a year for this level of erudition?

As a student of the Chapin School, I feel it's my duty to set the record straight: last week, a sixth-grader rushed up to my good friend in the locker area, a magazine article clutched in her hand. It was the magazine with the ill-informed, idiotic article that was written in some magazine saying that Chapin is full of rich snobs who only base their ideas on their peers by how much money they have. When [REDACTED] ran up to me in math class and breathlessly told me all about the horrible things they said about Chapin, natrually, my first reaction was: who the heck wrote that? Who would write something blatley so untrue? Something so awful? And especially if that person was a Chapin alumni- how could they not show some respect for this marvelous school that they were lucky enough to graduate from? Chapin is, however, not at all like how it's portrayed in the magazine. Of course, as in every school, a select few can be nasty at times- can you honestly say that it isn't like that at every school? Or are you just picking on Chapin because of it's reputation- rich girls who only care about money? First of all, the students at Chapin, for the most part, do not care about money status, nor is everyone rich. A large part of us (me included) are on part scholarship, financial aide, and are just middle class. And the ones who are loaded- with mansions in the hamptons and live in enormous apartments- are quiet about it. Nobody cares how much money their friend has- and nobody makes anybody feel inferior in any way if they know that they are getting aided. In advisory today, we talked about the ignort fools who wrote the article lying about how bad Chapin is: everybody treats everybody with respect here, and yes, while academics are valued I have never heard anybody go up to someone and try to compet with each other for the higher grade.

I am truly disgusted. Chapin is a wonderful school- the teachers are brilliant, the pupils are caring and respectful, and there is nothing that is true about that article.
I hope this helps you with your research.

I... guess so?