NBC Recalls Better-Rated Heyday By Reviving 'Knight Rider'

Proving once again that his finger is firmly on the pulse of what is hot in other countries, in the decades before his network slid into fourth place, or at the multiplex three months ago, NBC's perfect TV executive storm Ben Silverman has made yet another bold programming move that should shame his overly cautious, Idol-dependent, Cavemen-greenlighting rivals: according to Variety, his Peacock is bringing back Knight Rider, preparing a two-hour backdoor pilot that will reintroduce audiences to an updated series about the love between a man and his sassy, wisecracking supercar.

(Hasselhoff, of course, is too busy with other projects to even entertain the idea of trying to squeeze in to his old Members Only jacket.) But realizing that the harder-to-please kids of today would likely dismiss the idea of a talking-car show with, "Why does that dude's OnStar sound so gay?" the first time K.I.T.T* speaks, Silverman's got a totally killer hook to keep them so transfixed they'll hardly notice the Mountain Dew Game Fuel they're drooling all over their Hot Topic t-shirts: The car—or rather, cars, as some will likely be "evil"—will transform, capitalizing on a desirable demographic's proven love of giant-fucking-robot-related entertainment. To his credit, Silverman ultimately decided against integrating other box-office-tested elements, rejecting a briefly considered idea that Michael Knight should be a pirate of indeterminate sexuality.

[*And can we do something about that name? How about P.A.N.T.H.E.R? Someone in development can figure out what it's supposed to stand for.]