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You're already familiar with Sergey Brin's and Larry Page's brilliant idea of reinventing search. But their business creativity is just getting started. By providing free perks like free gyms, they're not just keeping engineers happy and fit — they're opening up new revenue sources. Google's latest big brain scheme is Eau de Google, bottled straight from the dripping backs of Googlers as they work off those organic four-course meals on the treadmills. A mere whiff recalls a hundred sleepless nights, coffee, and sweaty gym shorts. Sold through Google's Chinese division, Onshore, Google (pronounced "joo-glay") is currently only available for men. Google plans to release an accompanying "geek sweat" for women early next year, but is still busy trying to clean up the sweat-collection process. Apparently it's not yet fully compliant with the company's strict privacy policy.