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Apple is continuing their retail expansion with a new store on Chestnut Street in San Francisco's Marina District. ifoAppleStore reports that Apple overcame neighborhood opposition to destroy a previously existing building with historical tiles. Please. Like a few historical preservationists are any match for Steve Jobs's retail designs. A mere 2.8 miles from the Stockton Street flagship, the store gives us another place to get iPhones repaired instead of having to wait in the chaos of the Stockton location. But there's another, smarter option for getting your Apple fix.

The best San Francisco Apple outlet is the little-known store in the Stonestown Galleria. That store, while located in an uncool, fogbound mall, isn't packed by tourists who can't figure out their iPod Nanos. The new Marina location will no doubt have its fill of anxious yuppies. And the Stonestown outlet? It has a free parking lot. Update: If you want to visit, get there before Monday, when the store closes for a nine-day renovation — thanks to commenter j-c for pointing that out. (Photo by maguisso)