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New York Post media columnist Keith Kelly called the New York Sun "unwanted and unread" last year, but apparently his bosses don't agree. The Post extended offers within the last two weeks to four top Sun editors and at least one reporter. Sun flack Michael Moi confirmed that all five turned down the tabloid, which boasts a mostly-paid daily circulation of more than 720,000, in favor of the Sun, whose combined circulation was 106,000 in June, according to the Certified Audit of Circulations. "We're flattered that the Post is interested in our talented staff," Moi told us. "We're even more flattered and honored that each of them chose to remain a part of the New York Sun family." When even daily exposure to Ira Stoll's neoconiacal (Not a word! But so fitting!) cackle isn't enough to bring people over to your side, you know you've got a serious recruiting issue.