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More than four decades after the invention of the plasma display, Wired Science, which is debuting October 3 on your local PBS station, arms vlog hot yet approachable host Ziya Tong with a circular saw to explain how these new-fangled screens work. "This," explains communications major Ziya , "is the shape of the future." Based on the name of Tong's segment — "Exploded View"— she'll continue to senselessly cut up and smash gadgets to teach the masses about the guts of today's technologies. All the while, she'll be pulling on the easily plucked heartstrings of hard-up geeks. It may be gimmicky junk science, but given PBS's reach, she's sure to break more nerd hearts than Soledad O'Brien did in the '90s, when the TV personality, now a CNN anchor, made a name for herself talking tech to the limited audience of MSNBC's "The Site."